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Office Furniture LiquidatorsIf your company has excess office furniture, the liquidators at Office Products, Inc., are some of the most knowledgeable and helpful around. We have decades of experience in helping relieve Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike of their surplus furniture, so you can be sure that we have the expertise to offer you fair and hassle-free pricing. In fact, after we’ve presented you with a comprehensive estimate for your furniture, we’ll take care of the disassembly, packing, removal, and cleanup for you, allowing you to focus on your relocation, remodel, or just business as usual.

When you turn to Office Products to remove your unneeded furniture, you’ll see for yourself that we go above and beyond other office furniture liquidators, especially because we:

  • Can handle the removal of all of your surplus furniture rather than leaving you to dispose of the remaining items yourself
  • Utilize our thorough knowledge of current market values to accurately offer a fair price while still completing your liquidation in time to meet your time-sensitive deadline
  • Are fully committed to being environmentally conscious, so we go out of our way to recycle, refurbish, donate, or sell your furniture to other retailers, rather than letting your furniture end up in a landfill

Our associates will also gladly assist you with using the value of your old furniture to subsidize your purchase of new furniture for your office. We offer a wide selection of used, refurbished, and new furniture, including workstations, desks, seating, and more.

For additional information about our services as top-rate office furniture liquidators, contact Office Products today.