Comprehensive Office Furniture Liquidation and Disposition Services from the Seasoned Professionals at Office Products, Inc.

Office Furniture LiquidationIf you have a surplus of office furniture, trust the liquidation experts at Office Products, Inc., to help you make room – and money – for taking your office’s layout in a new direction. We are the office furniture liquidators that small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike have relied on since 1974, so you can trust that we’ll provide the skilled services you need, whether you’re relocating, downsizing, moving, or just redesigning your office. Not only do we remove most types of pre-owned office furniture from all of the top manufacturers, but we also handle all of the removal services, including disassembly, packing, and even thorough cleanup afterward.

At Office Products, we are committed to providing worry-free office furniture liquidation solutions with unmatched levels of attention to detail and project management expertise. Our highly skilled team of office furniture liquidators:

  • Can help you apply the value of your old furniture toward subsidizing the cost of new furniture for your office
  • Eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming storage solutions that will just result in the further depreciation of your unused furniture
  • Understands the time-sensitive needs of businesses in a broad spectrum of industries and will work efficiently to ensure that we meet your deadline
  • Is trustworthy and highly knowledgeable of the market values for every type of office furniture, so you can be sure you’ll always receive fair and appropriate offers
  • Dedicates itself to environmentally conscious operations, meaning we’ll do everything in our power to avoid your unneeded furniture from ending up in a landfill

When you turn to us for an office furniture liquidation project, we will first assess the full scope and timing of your project, then schedule a visit where we will inspect your location and conduct a complete inventory of your furniture. Then, we will provide you with a comprehensive estimate that outlines every aspect of the project, including all of the necessary services and a detailed explanation of our offer.

For more information about what sets us apart from other office furniture liquidation companies, contact Office Products today.