Used Office Furniture Liquidation

As a nationally recognized leader in office furniture liquidations, OPI is ready to work closely with you to provide a smooth, efficient, on time and trouble-free liquidation. Whether you are upgrading your existing furniture, relocating, downsizing or reorganizing, our professional staff offers a complete turnkey solution. We specialize in the purchase, disassembly and removal of all types and brands of office furniture and workstations.. Click here for a free quote.

Office Furniture Liquidation Experience

Combining our many years of liquidation experience with expert logistical coordination, we are committed to an on-time and orderly liquidation. Our focus is to liquidate and remove all of your office furniture in a timely and professional manner, understanding that lease deadlines are always looming. Although we are located in Virginia, we have provided liquidation services to many Fortune 500 and smaller companies on a Nationwide basis, from 1 desk to 6,000 workstations. It is our attention to detail; commitment, follow-through and total project management experience that can make your furniture liquidation worry free.

Environmentally Friendly

Long before it was trendy to be Green, we have been environmentally friendly. Our Buy Back program helps our customers find an eco-friendly method for disposing of their existing furniture assets. As Good stewards of our environment it is our responsibility try and keep used office furniture out of our landfills. If you furniture is too old for efficient and effective remanufacturing, we make every effort to fully recycle and reuse any and all components. The landfill is the LAST option.

Benefits of our office furniture buy-back program

  • Timely and Professional liquidation
  • Reduce cost of acquiring new furniture.
  • Reduce costly furniture storage and inventory.
  • Receive fair market-value for your excess furniture.
  • Our Recycling expertise.

Liquidation Process

Although every liquidation is different, these are a basic set of guidelines that we follow for each project:

  • Step one is to qualify the project, verifying the size, scope and timing of your project.
  • Step two is to arrange a site visit by a representative. The representative will conduct an inventory, inspect the premises, outline the complete scope/requirements of the project and to establish deadlines.
  • Finally, a detailed estimate will provided, outlining the project, specific requirements and the furniture value.

Critical items to Consider about your Liquidation

There are many items to consider before starting your liquidation

  • Timing: In most cases, businesses begin planning a move many months in advance, but often leave the furniture removal as an afterthought. Early planning for furniture removal will allow for a maximum return on furniture value.
  • Storage vs. Liquidation: Surprising to most, furniture does not get better with age. Unless there are specific plans in place to reuse your furniture, most likely it will be placed into storage for many months and never be reused. Moving your furniture into storage is a costly endeavor, including labor, transportation, unloading, placing into storage, damage, never ending storage fees and reloading cost. Your furniture is more valuable standing on-site than in a storage facility.
  • Some companies specialize in specific furniture items, especially seating. If a company offers a higher dollar to “Cherry Pick” a specific item at a higher value, it could seriously hinder the value of the remaining inventory. A great return on one item might not cover the removal and lost value in the remaining less desirable items.
  • Unless you are reusing a large portion of your furniture, do not pay for an inventory. A professional liquidator bidding to purchase your office furniture will not charge you for an inventory.
  • Choose a company that specializes in used office furniture liquidations. A professional furniture liquidation company will understand all of the complexities involved in a complete furniture liquidation
  • Get a written and firm commitment stating deadlines and specific terms for removal, including payment terms.