Debunk myths about used office furniture and save your Norfolk business some money.

When was the last time you bought something used? Whatever it was, most things—a car, a couch, or something else—don’t cause as much of a positive reaction as if it were brand new. Still, it saved you some money, and (in all likelihood) nobody had known that you bought it used. Even if there is a stigma involved with buying used, the “curse” itself is limited to the word, and not the item. As for myself, one thing I remember that I bought used was a Brooks Brothers suit coat. I bought it in college when I was looking in a Goodwill for something for a Halloween costume, and I figured I would try it on because it looked my size. Surely enough, that suit coat fit me like it had been tailored just for me, and it looked brand new. Over the years, I wore my Brooks Brothers jacket to Wine Galas, Charter Day Balls, and countless other black tie affairs. The thing is, nobody ever said to me, “is that used?” I just got comments like, “Brooks Brothers? Great cut.” Or “You dress sharply for a young man.” The point is, if something is a good product and you take care of it, it doesn’t matter if it’s new or used (it’s not their business after all)… it just matters how that product looks and functions. The suit—by the way—it was just five bucks. At Office Products, we can help your business look sharp and save money, whether it’s with great products like our used Steelcase Enhanced 9000 7×6 cubicles in Norfolk or you’re looking to get the most money out of the office furniture you treated so carefully for so many years and give it a second life through our liquidation at competitive prices.

You see, our business is buying and selling… we buy top-quality name-brand office furniture from all sorts of companies across the U.S., and we take the best of that, and sell it to our customers who are looking for the quality and prices they have come to associate with us. Because of our business model, we help businesses save up to 75% on name-brand furniture like Steelcase, Herman Miller, Haworth, Teknion, Knoll-Morrison, Allsteel. What’s even better is that by helping our customers save money, we’re all contributing towards greener business practices.

We maintain a larger inventory so our customers can have more choice on used office cubicles, used seating, used filing cabinets, and more. The best way to find your perfect solution though is to give us a call, as inventory is always moving in and out. If you get in touch with us, chances are, we can get you set up with a solution that will leave you smiling from ear to ear. Just remember, whether it’s our used Steelcase Enhanced 9000 7×6 cubicles in Norfolk, Richmond, Fredericksburg, or somewhere else, give us a call before you make your next office furniture purchase—that one phone call can save you thousands of dollars!