Learn how to customize your office with Office Products Richmond’s used cubicles.

Did you know that Office Products has the capability to tailor an office to your specific needs with our Richmond used office cubicles? By making use of a highly customizable cubicle unit, namely one that was engineered with versatile configurations in mind like this Herman Miller Ethospace Cubicle, we can help make you a king […]

Make the most of your unused office furniture in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Regardless of the size and scope of your company, it can always be taxing to successfully balance your overhead with your profits. By making the most of your assets, you can naturally ensure that your money isn’t going to waste. The truth is, this concept applies to virtually every vestige of your business, from your […]

Educating you about Office Products and buying used office furniture.

Do you recall the last time you bought office furniture for your company? In all likelihood, you spent hours finding information about your purchase so that you could have all the facts in front of you when you made a decision. You looked up reviews online, read product listings, asked colleagues, and maybe even watched […]

Learn about the benefits of used office furniture.

Why would you ever buy new office furniture when you can by fantastic looking, lower cost, high quality pre-owned furniture by top brands? Office Products’ business involves liquidating name-brand office furniture from all kinds of businesses across the US. We take the best products to our warehouse facility to be thoroughly inspected. When furniture passes […]

Getting the most out of your office furniture investment in Fredericksburg.

Assume for a moment that you’re a company in Suffolk, Richmond, or Fredericksburg that is in the process of relocating, and you’re in need of an office furniture liquidation service. You’ve done some research, googled a bit, and somehow arrived at Office Products’ website. You read through our blogs about the benefits of used office […]

Learn more about office cubicles here.

Cubicle. Take a moment to ponder what this word brings to mind. In most cases, it’s “gray, dull, monotonous”, and other negative concoctions of boredom and death. Some people even think of the classic office satire, Office Space, and how many office workers daydream about even working in construction over their little 5×5. The truth […]

How a dull office could be hurting your business.

There are quite a few different unseen and unnoticed issues that the average office worker faces that can affect the quality of their work. If an employee’s workspace is too drab, suffocating, or closed off, it can drastically affect their productivity, as well as the general quality of their work, according to a study by […]

Used Office Furniture Buying Guide

It’s a natural fact that every so often you need to look for new office furniture to replace the old.  You start your search and are overwhelmed by the prices of high quality furniture. With executive desk sets over $10,000 dollars, every individual cubicle running over $3000, and high end office chairs can easily run […]