Do the best for your Fredericksburg, VA business: Buy used office furniture.

Despite what Kermit the frog said, it actually can be easy to be green. Beyond simply being easy, it can also save your business money. In most cases, we don’t use green practices simply because it’s not our custom… we weren’t raised to conscientious of every piece of paper that moves through an office, and […]

Learn the benefits of Spring Cleaning in your Fredericksburg office.

Spring is here, and with it comes spring cleaning! Across the nation, people are trying to freshen up the space they inhabit in preparation for the warmer weather. Offices are no different when it comes to accumulation of things, so now is a great time to figure out the office furniture that your Fredericksburg business […]

Learn ways to make office liquidation easier with this blog.

As you’ve probably heard us say many times before, liquidation is rarely ever care-free. We want to give you as much information as we can to help you make your next office furniture liquidation in Harrisonburg go more smoothly. Make sure you select the best people for the job. By selecting a truly professional office […]

Liven up your office with a splash of the right color.

There are so many colors that brighten our world. Think of the amber glow of a sunset over the ocean… the soft cerulean morning mist between an Appalachian mountain pass. Chances are you’ve seen something like this, and you remember it because it caused a reaction. The thing is, your brain reacts to all of […]

Make sense out of office trends with this article.

The way we look at our offices as a culture changes day to day. The trends all change, the designs all change. Nothing stays the same for very long. Considering this, it’s no surprise that interior design is a market that hinges on trends. For example, it’s like how if you saw people dancing, you’d […]

Learn how Used Office Furniture can be Better Than New

The main reason most people spend so much money on new office furniture is because they don’t know the value of used office furniture.  There are a plenty of factors that you should consider before wasting the big bucks on new office furniture. Cost The most obvious difference you will see between new and used […]

Learn how to be green with our used Herman Miller AO2 6×6 cubicles in Fredericksburg.

Office Products offers the widest selection of environmentally friendly office furniture solutions. We have pre-owned furniture of all sorts, from used cubicles, used executive desks, used conference tables, used seating, and much more. We’ve worked with businesses across the country lower their carbon footprint. By purchasing from us, your company can work towards a LEED […]